2017 Clarksburg High School Scholarship Awards

The Patrick Shifflett Scholarship Award was created to celebrate the character and accomplishments of some very special people.

Students who, like Patrick, have taken deep pride in sharing their talents and blessings, while staying humble in the belief that they will need help from those around them to reach their full potential.

Like many of you, Patrick learned at a young age, that love for family and friends was the best way to strengthen his community. He enjoyed helping people in need, especially the elderly.

Patrick always went out of his way to include everyone, and despite being a well-liked and talented athlete, he never put himself above others. His peers, teachers and coaches viewed him as a leader on and off the field, but it was his caring, and respect for all of us, that best defined Patrick’s character.

Patrick went above and beyond to set an example for the rest of us to follow. His strong moral values and faith guided him to live up to his personal motto, “Always Stay Humble”.

The graduating class of 2017 at Clarksburg High School is blessed to have an abundance of talented and caring students. Given that this was to be Patrick’s graduating year from Clarksburg High School, the Shifflett family has decided to award five academic scholarships tonight.

I would now like to invite the recipients of the Patrick Shifflett Scholarship Award for the Class of two thousand seventeen to come up.

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