Holiday Giving

The Patrick Shifflett Foundation


On December 23rd The Patrick Shifflett Foundation felt it would be only fitting to reach out to the local community and feed families that were going to be doing without a special Christmas dinner on their tables. With the help and support of Porter and Shannon Shifflett (uncle & aunt) fourteen families were adopted by the foundation to support through our holiday giving program. Families were given Christmas meals, presents for their children, and a supply of groceries for the Christmas break.

Patrick lit such a bright light in a very dark world and it was overwhelmingly hard to say goodbye to someone so precious and young. The Shifflett family and friends experienced such an unexpected heartache but know that God had a very special purpose for Patrick. Patrick did not get to finish his life as we envisioned but he did finish the race as intended. Thank you to all the supporters and sponsors of The Patrick Shifflett Foundation that make these wonderful experiences of giving in our community possible, you are the true reason the foundation will live on. We will continue looking for ways to reach out and help those in need.