A Letter From His Coach

My name is Patrick Reeves. I am a strength and conditioning coach in Ijamsville, MD. Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful young individuals. One of those amazing individuals was Patrick Shifflett.

Patrick possessed great character; he was dedicated, driven, caring, passionate and loyal. His strength, both physical and emotional, made him a great leader among his peers. Patrick motivated others through all his hard work. As his peers watched him train, they would begin to change and take their own workouts more seriously. They would throw that extra weight on the bar or crank out a few extra reps. Patrick did this without saying a word; he did this with his actions. His ability to lead by example was second to none.

I started working with Patrick after his 9th grade football season. He had big aspirations of making the varsity football team in his sophomore year. Patrick made it clear to me that he was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen. During that summer, Patrick made tremendous progress in the gym. He put on 30 pounds and drastically increased his strength, speed and power. He set a goal and he achieved it. He was then named the starting tackle for the Clarksburg Varsity football team.

After that 10th grade season, Patrick came to me again with a new goal: to play Division I football. I knew he was willing to do whatever it took to get there. We started training immediately with 4 days per week. During that off-season, Patrick would often double up on workouts. He would train with his teammates in the morning and come train with me in the afternoon. Many schools began to show interest. Patrick went to a few prospect camps and he began to turn heads. Coaches began to recognize his abilities. During is junior football season, Patrick didn’t miss a beat. He would come straight to train after football practice multiple days per week and never missed a Sunday workout. He was well on his way to a D1 offer.

Junior year of football came to a close and Patrick came to me with a new goal once more. He wanted to be bigger; he wanted to squat 405, bench 315 and get his bodyweight to 275 lbs. And of course, he made it happen. When Patrick had his mind set on a goal, nothing stopped him.

I tell you all of this not as a way to brag about all the work Patrick put in, but to show how truly dedicated this young man was. He exemplified hard work. He set goals and did not quit until they were accomplished. I have no doubt in my mind that this young man would have been a Division I football player.

Patrick still sets an example as a leader at our training center. In front of the same power rack where Patrick did that first 405 lb squat is a big #51 in his honor.
Patrick will continue to inspire others by his actions and dedication.

coach reeves letter

Our Mission & Vision

The Patrick Shifflett Foundation provides higher education financial scholarships to select individuals in the Clarksburg and Damascus communities who display the quality of character for which Patrick was known. Additionally, The Foundation funds various support service offerings for families in Montgomery County, Maryland and other communities in need.