The Patrick Shifflett Scholarship Award

The Patrick Shifflett Scholarship Award was created in 2017 to memorialize the life of Patrick by celebrating the character and accomplishments of special individuals here at Clarksburg High School.

The selected students, like Patrick, have taken pride in sharing their talents and gifts to help others – both young and old. This award seeks to recognize those who have emulated Patrick sense of values and character. It was important for Patrick to be an inclusive force in his community, his peers, teachers, and coaches viewed him as a leader on and off the field – exhibiting a caring nature and respect for others. Patrick set an example for the rest of us. His strong moral values and faith guided him to live up to his personal motto, “Always Stay Humble”.

The scholarships being awarded are not solely based on accomplishments in the classroom, the athletic fields, and/or the dance, music, and art studios – while all important in their own right, it is a proven commitment to the greater good that this award recognizes.


2022 Damascus High School Scholarship Winners


We are proud to announce Logan Marie Zarchin and Maiya Cobian as our 2022 Damascus HS Patrick Shifflett Foundation $5000 scholarship winners. Congratulations and good luck to you both!