Hope For Honduras

On February 6th, a new chapter for New Hope Opportunities began with the first day of classes at Hope School, "Escuela Esperanza." Once again our facility is ringing with the sound of children's laughter and excitement. Happy students come through our gate smiling and eager to learn.

Our very slim budget predicted a humble beginning with limited classes, limited books, no uniforms, and no meals, but the response to our newsletter was amazing. Your generous support has changed everything! We have been able to begin the school with more students and classes than we thought possible. Our students now have a feeding program that provides one meal each school day, individual books, and uniforms. We are providing classes for pre-kindergarteners, first graders, and seventh graders. We are also offering classes to help adults finish high school as well as classes for students who are gaining basic reading and writing skills. Each year we hope to add new grades to our existing schedule to provide all grades.

The help the Patrick Shifflett Foundation is providing by purchasing uniforms has helped strengthen our community. Most of our students in Hope School do not have the means to purchase their own uniforms. These uniforms provide a sense of belonging and personal commitment for them and their families in this academic endeavor to help break the cycle of poverty they are trapped in.

We have ordered the uniforms and they should be delivered next week. As soon as they are received we will be sending photos of the students and their uniforms. On behalf the students, THANK YOU.

Marne Cottriel

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